Friday, September 26, 2014

England - week 1: starting as we mean to go on - with a holiday

Our annual holiday to centerparcs was as a family of 6. We borrowed R from TheBabs to keep BB happy and friended as we had FrB and SB as a pair. It worked really well. We were also lucky enough to have friends in the directly opposite chalet - we could wave to the deependers and SOTP - made socialising v easy! couldn;t have picked a better chalet arrangement if we tried.
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We went swimming as DH did all the moving in. great swim had by all :) and we kept that up all week with swimming 2ce a day as a minimum - 3 hours morning and 2 hours evening - apart from thurs where we were in the pool pretty much all day. The kids [and dads] had a fab time racing around on slides, flumes, rapids and the cyclone. I mostly pooled, hottubbed, lagooned and rapids with some lazy rivering :) . I do think it is a fab holiday for all. lots of laughter and love and happiness. Also very wet! we all have a few bumps and grazes and a chlorine skin itch i think!
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I took the kids to the play area in one of the swimming free breaks, and DH took them cycling around the park.
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other than that, we celebrated birthdays. DH had his birthday on the Monday, and SB had hers on the tuesday, so we had 2 birthday cakes and candles and presents. Made for a party atmosphere. SB chose to have a pizza takeaway for birthday tea, and friends round to share the cake.
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We played board games, watched some DVD's, started FrB on an animal crossing craze on the ds and did lots of laughing and socialising.
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On the thursday TheBabs and B joined us for the day as well, and that was great fun. Centerparcs is definately a 'the more the merrier' kind of holiday place.
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On our final day we swam, the girls shopped ;) and then we went to the pancake house for a ceremonial dinner. TBH I don't thenk the pancakes are a nice as they used to be [or perhaps mine are better??] but it is fun for the girls. I think SB chose the best pancake.
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The holiday for me was a lovely relaxing time with friends and family. Welcoming FrB into our home and life with love and attention, laughter and equality. I hope she has a wonderful time with us, that we get the balance of her, SB and BB right. Having been an only for 6 months, BB is having to do a rapid readjustment.
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