Friday, September 26, 2014

England - week 9

following Easter we had a week of bookworking, getting back to the evening bits and bobs, but also took some time to concentrate on FIL as his health just hasn't been as good as we like, so DH did some ferrying of him about. We were happy that our niece L came to visit, so all the girls loved meeting her again. It is a shame she isn;t so local.

Tuesday: We had chemistry group on the tues, and doing displacement reactions and getting copper onto nails. Also making hydrogen and making it go pop
Chemistry chemistry

Here are some girls doing work photos...
Home ed Home ed Home ed Home ed home ed home ed

wednesday: We do wish grandad would get a bit better, but it was lovely seeing L, and FrB got to meet another member of the family too

april28 2013 312april28 2013 321 

Friday -it was a really drizzly friday, and when I went off to work there was all sorts of moaning about orienteering in the drizzle! However, the drizzle eased off and they all had a fab time :) . SB partnered off with Lfish from the deepend, and FrB with C from the manor born. BB mostly was a warrior ninja, tho she did do some of it. When finished, FrB went for gaining an extra tick with Latin with the deependers - she is becoming good at self starting and being home educated :)
SB orienteering photos SB orienteering photos SB orienteering photos SB orienteering photos 

the weekend -All our kids love arts, and have quite a healthy interest in viewing art and sculpture. So we tied in visiting Aunty M and Uncle M in Wakefield with a visit to the Hepworth and to Bretton Sculpture Park. We travelled up on the fri night with ease and settled into aunty M's. the next day the galaxy came into its own as we only needed to take one care out with us.
I loved the Hepworth. It is quite unprepossessing from the outside, tho clearly with a lovely playpark! But the gallery space is really well done. I loved the explore cards for the kids for a one pound donation. SB and FrB spent a considerable time doing them. I loved the answers they came up with - so reflective of their very different personalities and hence perspectives. BB found the Moore and Hepworth sculptures resonated with her, and spent some time evaluating them and the information. I also loved the spaceship in there, but was in the minority! BB and I added our own stories to the photo galleries until she was arted out, and we went for cake and tea with the M's, but frb and sb with DH took so long, that they missed out - LOL!!
aunty m's pics Hepworth gallery

we moved on to Bretton Park for lunch and a look around. We will gloss fairly quickly over the effect of home made tomato ketchup on BB. It was all resoved... We went out and started with wood sculpture. we liked some of it, and some looked slightly like a urinal - we had bb with us. she is apt to find similes like this! we LOVED the flat that had been filled with copper sulphate and crystalised out [no photos allowed unfortunately]. We had a good walk around, admiring electric horses, headless seated people, pipes and tubes and the general loveliness of the day. Aunty M and I got separated off, so got to sit at the top of the hill and watch people come up and in. BB was quite worn out by this point...
bretton Hall sculpture park  bretton Hall sculpture park bretton Hall sculpture park bretton Hall sculpture park bretton Hall sculpture park bretton Hall sculpture park

Lovely evening and meal, and the girls playing castle panic. We also started my regime of Shakespeare. FrB has got a good grasp of English, so I am having her listen to Shakespeare and the iambic pentameter. I have to do a fair bit of explaining of archaic words, but these films are very accessible. We will watch a few more films, and then have a go at a shakespeare study book for children. Anyway, 12th night got a thumbs up! We have lots of shakespeare books, but FrB is not a great reader, even in native French.

On the SUnday we went to Sandal Castle. Wakefield is the place of a deciding turn of events in the War of the Roses - which we will no doubt get to in our British History! we do need to move up the pace a bit i think! we are on Saxons and Vikings now anyway. Having visited my aunt and uncle for years, i had no idea they lived close to a castle!! some people just dont tell you anything. I loved visiting the castle, it was interesting, the shop had a tiny museum bit, and the kids could race around. This did result in FrB hurting her wrist sliding down a bank that i had asked her not to do... but not terribly and she cheered up in the museum. All the girls took turns to read the information boards, and I hope that something sticks!
sandal castle sandal castle
visiting yorkshiresandal castle
visiting yorkshire visiting yorkshire

We had a really lovely weekend. Thankyou very much AUnty M and Uncle M :) it was wonderful

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