Friday, September 26, 2014

England week 4 - another holiday, this time in Anglesey

we set off friday and stopped in our travelodge on the way to Anglesey. We had a cottage falling of the top of wales! We were really lucky as the weather for all but one day was sunny, though there was a fair old breeze! We had some stunning views from walks
anglesey 2014 461 anglesey 2014 128
The crazy girls did some swimming - in wetsuits and the shrouded in towels with hot choc to warm up!
anglesey 2014 015
we visited the local bijou museum, which was excellent. the kids trail was fine, and helped the kids navigate nicely the museum, and we were the only ones in there. it also had a very good cafe ;) and an art exhibition.

we went to some prehistoric sites - very important for our history of britain through the ages project! These included burial mounds and iron age round houses. Very evocative and fabulous views.
anglesey 2014 307
we did do some home ed whilst we were away. All girls finished the prehistory to end of iron age - now we just have to add visits we have done, and leave some pages empty before starting... the romans! FrB and BB also did some English work, and FrB brought her recorder - ermmm did we leave it there?? A fair bit of colouring and lots of animal crossing on ds!

There was a lot of picnics in the boot of the car and cafe stops. FrB had her first cream tea.
anglesey 2014 157 anglesey 2014 167 anglesey 2014 231 anglesey 2014 232
We visited 2 castles - Beaumaris and Penrhyn both beautiful in different ways and at polar ends of castle history!
anglesey 2014 184 anglesey 2014 199
anglesey 2014 420 anglesey 2014 377
On the way home we went to Great Orme ancient copper mines. These were fab! I thought I was very brave going in the caves as not my favourite things! However it is wonderful walking in such ancient places, and the cavern was awesome.
anglesey 2014 471 anglesey 2014 479 anglesey 2014 482 anglesey 2014 497
We geocached a bit and placed and picked up a travelbug. we hugged, laughed and had a wonderful time :) . Going to end this post on 2 fab holiday photos.
anglesey 2014 010 anglesey 2014 464

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