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England week 18 - Kentwell tudor reenactment

kentwell Hall in Long melford is the home of the annual great tudor recreation, this time for only 2 weeks and 3 weekends. We were part of the reenactors on the second week, so arrived on the saturday to look round as punters first before we became players on the sunday. FrB has never seen it, so it did make sense. Howver, although I though wer pretty much had everything packed and ready on the friday, DH felt there was loads to still do on the sat, so i decamped with the girls in one car, and waited for him to arrive [7 hours later!]
We went in and met the rather nice gateman and the players and made our way round the house. I loved the rufflers, and then we met gentry and cooed at new babies before going past the yew hedge and meeting 2 maids known to us. now, my blog is still not talking to flickr, so will have to wait to add photos. I thought the people in the brewhouse were particularly good at explaining what they were doing and why :) . we went out and had our packed lunch before going back in and to the barnsward. Met lots of people we knew, always hard to go round as a punter! met up with thebabs and had cider in the alehouse and had a good chat before watching parade and dancing going on. Looked fab. Was impressed :) and then stayed hidden so not chased off site as became a part at flag down.
Sat night was the annual boat race night, and a lovely evening on the frontsward. I did notice as the week went on, more and more people eating in the stableyard, and although i see that that is easier now service is there, i do miss the sight of everyone eating on the barnsward!

 Kentwell 2014Kentwell 2014Kentwell 2014Kentwell 2014Kentwell 2014
Kentwell 2014

So, I loved being a dyer! it is a great station full of lovely people, and it also has really interesting things to do, and so totally bought by the dyeing bug and the interest on seeing what colours might appear! Am really hoping to be a dyer next year as well :) . Have to say that unfortunately had a migraine on last weekend, but SB did the breakfast, and it didn't hold me back, and on the last day i think the kentwell lurgy was lurking, so felt rubbish by the end! but the dyers is fab :) .
DH appeared to enjoy being a builder, nice ppl with him, and got to do something practical that he could see was useful - i rebuild a tumbling down hovel! he did end up leaaving one day to race back to see his dad in hospital, but luckilly his dad was better than he thought. In fact he even stayed in costume for the ceilidh :)
SB was in the stillroom, and worked hard therre, and lots of people came up to me to say how hard she worked, how helpful she was, what a lovely girl she is etc and I felt very proud and happy :) . She was very happy with the extra bits of kit she had - hatpins and snips etc :) and also making her purple potions. in the evening she was lovely to help me with getting dinner and washing up, all done with good grace, so then she could go and play with friends in good conscience. She had a bit of a rough ride with the group of friends she has known for years which was a surprise, and not particularly nice to watch or deal with, but i think she did deal with it with dignity. Luckilly she also has other friends to value her.
FrB was a bit of a hard one to keep tabs on, and was in the pottery, but did a lot of wandering off station, and unfortunately did get us all into trouble by breaking rules, despite me telling her v carefully not to do it. sigh! however, I did my best to get her some good experiences, such as invited to low board at the gentry, to be able to have a go at spoon carving etc and making her life straightforward. Most people on the manor knew who she was, as despite not always doing what she is told, she is a lovely girl :) and the pleats on her red bodied petti were lovely!
BB adores kentwell, and she had a great time as always. she was v helpful for me, as we were stationed near, and since FrB had decided not to be helpful! she enjoyed the barnschool and the potters, and hopes to be with the carvers next year for at least a part of it. she was helpful on the dyers too, and learned to make skeins with the reel, found bark chippings for us, and made us giggle :)
So , there you are, a fab time at Kentwell. Now I have recovered, looking forwards to next year! and have to my sewing list a cloak each for sb and bb, a long apron for me, a big drapy jacket for me since i didn't get to have a gown, and finish dh doublet.

 Kentwell 2014 Kentwell 2014 Kentwell 2014 Kentwell 2014 Kentwell 2014 Kentwell 2014 Kentwell 2014

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