Friday, September 26, 2014

England - Week 10

One of the problems of having such busy weekends to try and make the most of FrB's time in the uk is that I just don't get time to blog, or relax! However, instead I get to share lots of wonderful experiences with my family, so it is all very worthwhile. I have no regrets. But i do wish there were a few more hours in the day!!! Definately pushing myself to the max juggling this with work!

This week just seems to have been an out and about very busy week. Monday had roller skating in the afternoon,
roller skating - april roller skating - april

Tuesday -  had Botany

Wednesday - Weds4Ed we did lots and lots of pottery - glazing our previous work and making some new. our experiment was mentos and coke, and seeing if we could replicate it in our mouths... and we did some music and some chinese.
weds4ed april weds4ed april weds4ed april weds4ed april
weds4ed april weds4ed april weds4ed april weds4ed april

 thurs multisports and friday conservation group. A very social week!

The weekend - This weekend saw BB go to PGL activity camps for the weekend with cubs.

It being the May Bank Holiday, we did the inaugural camp of the year to the North Norfolk Coast. We went to cromer - which has kind of tipped around the edge to east coast :) . We stayed at Manor Farm campsite, visited Felbrigg Hall, the RNLI museum and had a meal out at a greek restaurant. We cycled, walked, geocached, and the girls swam in the sea. It was a perfect weekend. I loved it :) . I also loved the gooseberry icecream :) :)
cromer 2014 040 cromer 2014 070 cromer 2014 072 cromer 2014 089 cromer 2014 093 cromer 2014 102 cromer 2014 178 cromer 2014 210 cromer 2014 221 cromer 2014 248 cromer 2014 290

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