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England - week 16

Monday was a much looked forwards visit to Knebworth House for a writing event. Although initially we hadnt planned bb to do much writing, she did and really loved it. they all got to look around the house and then end up in the library to think about creative writing. it started with an 'it was a adark and stormy night' . The rainedrops, manor borns and fishes were there too. SO after the morning of a tour and a creative writing ghost story challenge, then they got to play outside. There was a fantastic water play area so they all got pretty wet! Wonderful day, so thanks to M for organising it so far in advance.

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Tuesday was bookish in the morning and then chemistry in the afternoon. I'm not exactly sure what they were doing, but it certainly looked very pretty when i got home!

Weds  is our typical home ed day 2014 :)

Each year I spend one day taking a few more photos and planning to write up in more detail one day, our typical day of the year! Traditionally a May thing, I realised we had got to June, so I had better get going to it. SO like most of the typical year posts, it didn't start bright and early in the morning. We are perhaps not a bright and early morning family
We started with all 3 girls doing conquer maths. Conquer maths has been a really good fit for all of them. SB loved singapore maths, but having got to 6B before going to france, she came back ready for something else. SInce it had suited BB we signed up all 3 girls to it. I have a suspicion that FrB is doing far too easy a level [which she denies] as she is doing a year below her maths, whilst SB is half way through the KS4 maths. we are in no hurry for her to do her gcse maths, but at this rate she may be doing it in the next year or 2.
homeedday2014 homeedday2014
Sticking with an all 3 girls theme, they all moved onto English next, and there was some jollity that at least for 2 of them, this was about suffixes or prefixes. BB has liked the collins English, and has nearly finished the 3 first books. FrB is on those for 10 year olds now as I insisted the easier books were far too easy and she needed to move on! SB is galore park-ing it. Since SB's takes longer, the 2 other girls did both the grammar and the spelling books - with encouragement!

After this FrB did some oboe practice, and SB then did her clarinet practice. FrB said she was preparing an animation sketch for the sylvanians in the dining room, but I happen to know she was mostly playing with them :) FrB and BB have quite a lovely time playing with the sylvanians!
homeedday2014  homeedday2014
I went out and picked some fruit from the garden to eat - mostly strawberries and raspberries, and we had a punnet of blueberries - yum! SInce we had some abominable squirty cream in the fridge, the kids squirted their fruit. for lunch we had toasted sarnies. I love that we have little nanny's toasted sandwich maker as it makes me happy to look at it :)
After lunch we dual tasked and baked fruit scones and cheese scones, and also read and wrote about William and the battle of Hastings in our history journal. I have a number of books we read with this, but the usbourne ones are excellent! The girls take turns reading sections and then decide what they want to put into the history journals. Bb decided she had done a lot of writing, so told me what to write and drew a pic of harold getting an arrow in his eye. She plans to put in the conquering/ran out of conkers joke as well. FrB put in a 'funny imagined speech' allegedly by william 1, and sb chose a variety of elements. SInce they can't share books and write at the same time :roll: we had FrB and BB writing whilst SB made the cheese scones, and then whilst she wrote, the other 2 made fruity scones. Works for us!
homeedday2014 homeedday2014
homeedday2014 homeedday2014

SO, scones cooked and tested - yum! and the history journals completed, we went outside to sit by the pond. BB was having a go up and down her ramp on skates, and SB also had a go, whilst bb changed to skateboard - very brave! we settled to aboriginal dot art as our crafty thing after much deliberation, using the pretend oil pastels from djeco. Alfie the tortoise got a bath as it was gloriously sunny, and i did a bit of fruit garden tending.
homeedday2014 homeedday2014
homeedday2014 homeedday2014
Winding down our home ed, SB, FrB and I played the game forbidden island, whilst BB went minecrafting. The girls then all had judo, where they got to collect their certificates, so I got to sit in on the lesson.
perhaps not the most exciting home ed day in the world, but it works for us!
homeedday2014 homeedday2014
Thursday was a clarinet and oboe lesson for the girls, and then multisports. Our friend B took the kids in for sports with her own, and then they all went to the water park afterwards - yes more water! - as DH was putting up our tent for Kentwell. B will stay in it the first week, and we will the second, so lots of tent for little effort :) . The usual guides and scouts in the evening as well.

Friday was a great day into London, they had a bus tour ride, a boat ride along the river Thames, visited the sights - trafalgar square, tower bridge etc and I was hoping DH or one of the girls might blog it, since I wasn't there!

 visiting londonvisiting londonvisiting londonvisiting londonvisiting londonvisiting londonvisiting londonvisiting london

This weekend was the village fete, and the girls spent saturday mostly baking and decorating. we had 5 cupcakes in a commonwealth flag theme, and also chocolate cakes. the girls entered some glass art and their aboriginal art pictures as well.
the village fete the village fete the village fete the village fete the village fete the village fete the village fete  the village fetethe village fete the village fete the village fete the village fete the village fete  the village fete the village fete

Having dropped off the entrants on sunday, we went to a local national trust working watermill grinding flour, which the girls found quite interesting. they then paddled in the watermill pool, and BB swam, despite us having no towels or dry clothes - you are only young once :)

We got back to the craft fair to view the entrants, and see where we were placed. FrB had first for her cow, SB third for cupcakes... And to our huge delight, FrB won a cup :)
the village fete

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