Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 23

or week -2. It is sooo hard, i feel like a bottle of champagne being picked up, that fizz reaction is starting! I have 2 more weeks to go though before I can let all that emotion out. Oh My Goodness! However, speaking to her, I try and remember to ask about france, advising her to make the most of the time she has left, live and love there and truly feel it speak through her. No, i don't say that exactly, she would just roll her eyes at me! But that is what I hope she does. Pick up some gallic insoucience.
She went to a schoolfriends house for the whole day today and loved it :) she crimped her hair and thinks it looks fab. Whilst on the phone she was joking with her big sis C and FrB and sounds very self assured. I guess we will have the full lowdown when she returns and tells us all the ins and outs. I do wish she had done more with her blog, more of an online journal to look back on. we did ask her to blog a typical day ;) but life is clearly too much fun and too busy. I am glad that she has had such a wonderful time. Next weekend she has 2 sequential sleepovers with schoolfriends. have suggested she takes her camera so she has memories of them and the time she shared with her friends.
Oh, and I am just so excited that she is coming back soon. I just haven't really let myself see up to that date, but stopped my thoughts just before, and restarted them the week after when FrB joins us. However, that fizz reaction has started...

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