Friday, September 26, 2014

England - week 12

this week was a bit of a book week as we knew we were going to be holidaying for 2 weeks, and wanted to 'keep at it'. the usual clubs and lessons went on. ballet, swimming, clarinet/oboe, cubs/guides. More importantly there was judo grading!
FrB and BB had their grading at the club on weds night, and both have gone up to the next belt. FrB is particularly pleased as that means she is no longer a white belt :) . SB had her grading at the regional gradings so no pics of that, but she also got her next belt.
Judo Grading Judo Grading may 2014 035 may 2014 039

weds was supposed to be a visit to sutton hoo, but my on call had been knackering and i hadn't had enough sleep to drive all that way. Also, BB really needed a quieter day with me, so we made it a morning home ed bookwork and an afternoon of painting kind of day. SB chose mostly to do music theory though instead of painting, as she said the painting muse wasn't with her. We used oil paints on canvas and had a modern art book for some inspiration. FrB drew hers from the wave crossed with shakespeare 12th night storm.
home ed home ed home ed home ed

Thrsday both older girls had wind lessons, and BB had young engineers, where she made a catapult. Friday was conservation group and then packing for the holiday.
as i said, saturday SB did her judo grading whilst FrB and BB came with me to Kentwell open day. I didn't see frb much as she was running with the early teens. BB got some stilts, which she practiced on, and luckilly the weather was good.
Kentwell open day Kentwell open day 

the sunday-  We are trying to write our own History of Britain [ok  mostly England] journals as our homeed project with FrB whilst she is here. It will be a lovely thing to take back to France with her, and will be personalised education of her time here. We take extracts from a variety of history books, read some relevant stories, watch some relevant DVD's and then visit places associated with that time. I buy a postcard and they get to stick it in the journal too. I had planned to do arts/crafts and cooking of the time, but haven't quite managed to have that much time! For the Roman period, I would very much like to visit the roman baths at bath - done, hadrians wall [now done] , fishbourne palace - might not get to, verulamium museum in st albans - definitely on the list. I think these are significant romans-in-britain icons to visit. We might catch other places, but TBH, there are fab roman places in france too...
SO, Hadrians wall had us driving straight after the Kentwell open day as North as we could get - Durham-ish - to stay in a travelodge. Again I ended up with the 3 girls whilst DH had his own room. BB and FrB fell asleep in the car so were a bit waily tired, easier just to stay in room to get them all asleep! A big breakfast and we were on the road. I love going North, I love Northumberland. The weather was beautiful, the views lovely, and when we cut west from Newcastle, we followed Hadrians wall along until we got to housesteads. I have visited Vindolanda with the girls and deependers before, and think I prob preferred it, but housesteads was really worthwhile visiting. a bit of a down and up before you get there, and then a bijou museum to look around. We read, looked and watched their video. I think they took a lot of inspiration from Game of Thrones because there was a lot of snow falling on the wall, and moody music :) .
We then had a great time investigating and exploring the fort, the hypocausts always a hit, the moody imagining looking out from the wall daring those wildlings to attack... BB loved visiting the most in shape roman loos in britain :) [and that is what is on her postcard!] , and we did some good self timers.
Finally we ended up geocaching on the wall, but BB hurt herself, so we went back to the museum for icecream :) . eventually we were all on our way to Budle bay and the next segment of our holiday.
hadrians wall hadrians wall hadrians wall

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