Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 18 - christmas

SB is skiing again! in Bramans - lucky :) she gave us a quick ring on saturday so that we could have the number and ring back. Lovely phone call :) she is loving trying skiing, tho finds the chair lifts a bit scary! E and V have done some teaching, but her main professeurs are a 5 and 7 year old :) . SB said she and FrB loved their presents from England - phew! Also the family have enjoyed playing the ticket to ride expansion we sent them - switzerland and india :)
SB has been so lucky with this exchange. I wish she had been into skyping sooner, because seeing her happy on xmas day was perhaps my best present [thankyou to V and E :) ] and also various family members walking past and saying hello/bonjour , all lovely. I have really missed her, as has BB, and we have both had some v low moments, and xmas was hard. But for SB, i think the en famille exchange has been a wonderful experience. stressful, and hard at the beginning, and I am not underestimating the learning the language and settling in, but with the opening up of a whole new culture and experience. The familly have been welcoming and she is happy there. All that I could ask for really :) . Of course, the countdown is on! and soon [relatively] we will have SB back with us, and I think there will be some adjustment there! Then we welcome FrB, and I hope we make her as welcome and happy as SB has been.
just because I can, here is another skype pic :)
christmas 2013
edited to add some christmas pics taken by V
SB en france
SB en france

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