Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 17

Lovely phone call with SB. she seems happy and balanced with her French family. She is excited about christmas, excited by the preparations and the going skiing afterwards. Lovely to hear :) . She says v has squirrelled away the xmas pressies, just like i would do :) , but they loved getting the festive period cupcake kit :) . she happily chatted with M and E as well as Nanny and Grandad and was full of happiness. They are having loads and loads of people over for xmas - 20 - so sounds like a fun houseful. After xmas they will be going skiing in Bramans, which sounds lovely too :)
here are photos that V has taken [thankyou] from their last sledging in the alps
SB en france
SB en france
SB en france

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