Saturday, September 27, 2014

England - week 20

we had as outings rollerskating with home ed friends and came back with 2 more children! E and R for a sleepover until the weds. They all had a great time, loombanding, just dancing, karaoke, wii, playing hide and seek, crafting with hama beads etc. Lovely :) . we inflicted little shop of horrors musical on them...  on weds we did have weds4ed, and we made dentistrometers with sugar solution, and were all surprised that almonds were not as dense as sugar sprinkles ;) . some of the carefully done density columns were very beautiful. again, photos resolutely on flickr! also some music, and decorating biscuits [more sugar!] as well as a mathsy/thinking game. music lessons and all the clubs were still on, but this was the last ballet week and guides week.  Last ever for FrB and she has started to realise her time here is nearly over, and get homesick a bit!! we did get some rabbits though :) so lots of fun there. DH and the girls went to visit their grandparents.

we also acquired some rabbits!

the weekend -FrB was lucky enough to have been given a wodge of money by her parents for when she was over here. She divided this into 6 months plus  shopping trip. She has mostly stuck to it. This weekend we did a shopping trip. We got in mid morning - which was something of a miracle! and said, go forth and shop!! to help things out, I did have to give BB and SB some spending money [not a matching amount tho! ] . SO as we walked down the road, we peered in various shops, and I realised we were going to have a problem. FrB wants to buy things at unrealisitcally low prices. Anyway, we went into some trendy crafty shops where there were lovely bags and purses etc, we went to a craft market [some spending] and the bigger market [ some spending] and a rash of clothes shops. Although the sale was on, FrB couldn't find quite what she wanted, tho bought one lovely jumper. She was also disappointed that my under 14 make up rule of nail varnish and lipgloss only did apply to her. ah well!! I think she still enjoyed the shopping, even with more than half the money left. SB bought some books [surprise!] some v skinny jeans - she is a size 6 - and a very cheap top, so counted herself happy. BB bought lego, and bargainaceous stamp [of an A] necklace and a piece of quartz, and was also v happy. DH and i bought some cheese, but spent a LOT of money! towards the end of the day, DH and BB were shopped out. DH went to cafe nero, but BB kept with ne and the girls, eventually we split, and walked around lush - which she likes - and then sat waiting for all the shops to shut so we could go home. Lovely day out though on the whole :) A funny thing happened as we waited for the bus, I told the kids to shuffle up so i could sit down, and the whole row did, including adults! I did say thankyou :)


Sunday was a chilling day! we did some history project, and some Latin with the big girls, and then set up some wet and needle felting. SB is making a necklace, FrB a nessie scene, BB did a chick, and i used odds and ends to make a flower panel. They all looked rather nice :) . SB has been v keen to be a bit more dramatic with her hair, so as well as having a fringe cut in, she has now peroxided the lower 10cm or so of hair [the change is at shoulder length so it can be cut off if necessary] she is very pleased with it! We went out as a treat to the cinema as well. It was nearly completely empty!! I believe there was some football match or other on, which might have made the difference! We saw how to train your dragon 2, and all enjoyed it, even with the sad bit, it ends on a high note.

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