Saturday, September 27, 2014

le grand depart

FrB's parents came to pick up FrB. No week 25, as the scouts in France have a wonderful camping week in the ardeche, so FrB is going home a week early to get reintegrated into french life. I am not sure what FrB was thinking at this point, as it was clear she was really sad to be leaving, but pleased to see her parents. What an emotional muddle.
 FrB and I made the dinner she had chose and pudding - chilli sausage hotpot and then a cream tea afterwards! [i know, slightly weird!] and we chatted in the evening. in the morning they got crumpets for breakfast - which I think they thought a bit weird too!!! but FrB loves them. and finally, after some goodbye photos, they left and caught the train home. so there we go, our years en famille adventure is finished, and it feels kinda weird too! but i hope that we have made a connection that the girls can keep, and certianly have a planned swap of holidays next year.
and to celebrate, DH has fixed flickr widget! [ I will be going back and putting photos into bare posts!]

Here we all are together one last time!

last 24 hours FrB
so, a beginning and end shot
9673521754_181702a4f4_blast 24 hours FrB

As they would say, sisters forever!

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