Saturday, September 27, 2014

England - week 21

This last week has seen the last judo and weds4ed for FrB, so definitely a few sad moments getting friends skype etc addresses. We have quite got used to FrB living here, and it will definitely seem quite odd when she is gone! She is a really lovely girl, but also quite noisy, high maintenance for interaction/love/cuddles/attention so I think it is going to be a lot quieter. She and BB have mostly a great relationship, but are the 2 greatest arguers, as they do have quite similar personalities in many respects [hotly denied by both of them ;) ] .

Quite a good start to the week from the booksy home-ed perspective, tho tailed off a bit towards the end of the week! BB and FrB did a lot of playing together with lego and with Sylvanians. there was wild place yesterday, rollerskating thursday and the usual music lessons. This was the last proper music lesson, but the girls have a duet they are playing next week - must video :) .

Weds4ed was mostly loombanding, playing board games and just being friends altogether. we did make chocolate dipping sauce for a treat though, to go with fruit and biscuits :)

The weekend -  Dh father passed away last night peacefully following a gradual decline from February. He was a characterful man, who made the most of life to get beyond adversity. My blog isn't talking to flickr or computer, so all my lovely pics of John will have to wait. I am glad he had a gentle passing, and he is free of pain and the distress of no longer being the man he was.

We were all abit sad and moochy as Grandad had died, as although a relief from his illness, you are then free to grieve for the person that was. Grand was a life and soul person, always wanting to be in on the action, and full of love for his grandchildren. SO we decided to put some colour back in the world and did some tie dyeing. we used dylon cold dyes, and made patterns on white t's and pj's. some lovely designs. DH was with his mother that day providing support and practicality, but BB was v emotionally wobbly, and clearly SB and FrB needed something undemanding and crafty so they could think [or not] and do without pressure. When I can, I will add photos!

Sunday we had planned to go to festival of history. had some discussion about going ahead, but we did, as the girls had been looking forwards to it. [i can't quite call it history live! ]. we planned to leave bright and early and arrive for the start, but frb overslept and was exceptionally slow getting up. however, we had a fab long, shattering day there! we walked around the ww2 encampments by the entrance and went to watch the last battle of the cousins war - something we had just finished with in our history journal. there are traders, so we wandered through the stalls on the way to see BZents put on their horatio show. FrB was really happy to be called up to active service - her line being 'el bango' as a spanish ship! BB did the army assault course and we saw the victorian circus [which was good]. Next i had hoped to see the roman army, but the girls were more distracted by the gladiators, so we saw them mock battling and pretend blood spurting out. the jousting is always good to see and we were not disappointed. BB and I stayed to watch the taking of a canadian fort that had been overrun by americans by the redcoats. it was really good, with some nifty pyrotechnics, and for once i had not a clue of the history myself! Dh took the big 2 back to the shop bits and then on to the final D Day battle and the final parade. BB was too hot by then, so we hid in a patch of shade and had a snuggle. We talked to a nice chatty american lady, who thought i was BB's grandmother - sob!! and when it was over, I bought a stool for kentwell, which hopefully will keep my comfortable :)

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It was a fab day, and FrB was impressed by the amount of it, and the difference to anything she had been too, and wished we had gone both days. Oh well!

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