Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 12

We probably ended up talking a bit too much about home, so SB was tearful at the end of the call. It is hard, judging what to say and talk about so that the calls stay positive and loving only. Hard, Hard, Hard!
good things :) : She went to a family wedding yesterday, which she really enjoyed and said was lovely, finishing the reception at 2am! they only got up at lunchtime, which might be tiredness causing her to be slightly more tearful. She had a sip of champagne and a wonderful time :) I am glad we put a couple of 'partywear' dresses in the suitcase, tho not sure whether she wore one of them - should have asked! She liked it, it was a short civil wedding and then loooong and fun reception :) . She was also proud to have done better than most of her classmates in the biology control :) and seems generally happier and more sorted at school - has got into the flow! She is happy in her french family, the middle sister has come back from her exchange to canada. SB says that she is having to work hard as her school want her to do all the homework she has missed and be caught up by christmas! hard!!
Things that upset: she hasn't really done any cycling, despite taking her bike; her art teacher wants to keep her art until the end of the year display, but SB wants to bring it home.
So, as you can see, hugely in the positive balance. I miss her tho, loads and loads. ho hum! christmas presents for all the family despatched via french amazon - hopefully all ok! have warned SB directly, and V via email that most should arrive next week. I think it was the christmas talking that made her sad. SHe did say tho that she was sometimes having to translate out of french to talk to us!
Well, as and when we get some more photos I will add them here. Keep having fun and making the most of your time in France SB x x

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