Saturday, September 27, 2014

England - week 24 - holiday in mudeford [bournemouth]

so, to change the mood around, we set off on holiday to mudeford, shared with my parents and my nephew and niece. we were staying at sandhills which is right on the beach. It is a place with memories. my sister and i had holidays with my parents in mudeford as children, and also with nanny and grandad at highcliffe. Then, soon after my sister's diagnosis of breast cancer we all went to sandhills for a holiday. so there is a soothing time element, of feeling us all there.
the day we arrived was M's birthday - he is now 14! - and loved his presents, giggled madly over the plastic giraffe from BB!! and loved his party tea and cake, and us all making a fuss of him. amongst the presents, we also bought him minecraft, and since the holiday, he has played it nearly non stop! so that was a good present :) . the kids had a lovely holiday together, and get on very well.
we had a timetable for most days - brekkie, swimming in the pool, lunch, beach and then crabbing/kiting/games. we did have 2 excursions - one to highcliffe castle which I am fairly certain we visited in 1977! and once to hurst castle . Both were good trips. highcliffe as interesting, some clothes to try on for FrB, which she loves! and a great cafe - I had a cream tea = yummy. DH and the 2 big girls walked back to the camspite along the beach. Hurst was bigger and more to do. the ferry ride there and back is lovely, and the tudor defence is interesting to walk round, and we could see the similarity with deal in kent. The modern bit also houses a rather lovely bijou lighthouse museum. Again a cafe, and lunch this time! afterwards we walked to the lighthouse and looked at all the yachts for cowes week.
otherwise we mostly swam in the pool, visited the beach and on the last day the tide was really out, so it felt you could walk to the isles of wight! we also ferried across the spit and tried out the beach on the other side - which was nicer ;) DH left his phone on the ferry, but thankfully it was still there. A fair bit of scootering and games playing. not so much crafting as the weather was so fabulous. [v lucky :) ] mostly all was lovely. some up and down kids moments - to be expected! - but mostly managed ;) .
on the last evening we went out for a meal at the restaurant on the beach and really loved it. the kids were well behaved, and ate well, and the atmosphere was nice. it rained a complete downpour as we walked home tho! the big 2 took lots of selfies, as it was the last day of FrB being ours. big deep breath.
thankyou all for a lovely holiday.

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