Saturday, September 27, 2014

England - week 23

The theme of this week has been goodbye. Having lost grandad, his funeral was on Friday. We are all still coming to terms with this grief in our different ways. He was always such a family man and the girls were apples of his eyes! They are both very much working out how to deal with the loss.
A less permanent loss but still sad for us all is FrB imminent departure. So a sad week alround with emotional wobbles from all. FrB has been packing all her things up, seeing people for the last time, feeling sad. We hadn't realised just how much 'stuff' she has, and have suggested her parents bring another bag. She also has realised she might have left clothes behind at different places we stayed, but since she has gained 5cm and an equivalent weight in kg, I am not sure any of her clothes are going to fit for much longer.

Weds for my day off we went to Ely cathedral , discussed English perpendicular architecture, the effect of the reformation with headless statues and traces of paint. Was a lovely outing, and perfect weather. We learned a fair bit too, and the cathedral is wonderful and peaceful. The girls all lit a candle for grandad and thought of him. Although we are not religious, grandad was a practising baptist, and so we hoped that he is in heaven waiting for nanna, and gossiping with his brother and sister.
We ate lunch in the cafe, bb was rather emotional and so some wheeling and dealing was done. she isn't quite sure how to process the loss really, so we went to the sweet shop afterwards and chose some old fashioned sweets. That took quite a while!
Afterwards we popped into cromwells house and discussed the civil war and how it made huge changes. again more religion stuff, and monarchy stuff with a side dish of france!

Ely Trip
 Ely Trip 

Friday was the day of grandad's funeral. It was nice to feel part of the family, and hug and grieve with others. it was good that DH and his brother got chance to talk and be. It was a shame that it had to be at johns funeral tho. I was glad my parents made it, and so had FrB and BB whilst the rest of us went to the crematorium. both had sung the hymns in the service, and both were tearful afterwards, and gave each other hugs whilst we were gone.

 John F 108

i took photos, I am never sure really that this is really respectable. but it is good to mark family being together, particularly those we dont often see. and we did take some excellent photos of jane with children and grandchildren.

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