Sunday, September 21, 2014

frence update - week 3

SB has been settling in this week. A more upbeat phone call than last weeks. school still boring, but has lots of people interested in being her friend, as being english is cool :) . She mentioned a variety of v french names, i remember Mia :) . maths is easy, not done art. english tedious, and french horrible - the teacher more grumpy. they have civics - a mishmash of geography and history which is complicated. SB says the teacher is lovely and looks like a young me, and says she neednt do the homework currently as all writing. She has been nervous of school, so FrB came up with the lovely idea of blowing candles out for days at school.
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you cant say a lot in 20 mins a week, and you darent ask much too deep. but it seems to be working out. :)

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