Sunday, September 21, 2014

France update - week 4

Its hard to believe we have lived without SB for a full month. I miss her every day, sometimes to a physical hurt. my chest feels heavier, my shoulders sag, and my dreams are unsettled. Why do we do this? because SB really wanted to, she wanted the chance and the opportunity to relish and fully immerse herself in another way of life, to learn to be french. So she is. I cant say it has been an easy ride, she has been homesick, had a few misunderstandings with french family, en famille sorted them out easily [as not that big, had just been worrying her] . but the french family, sb and us, as well as en famille, are all committed to making it work. I think it will.
today we had a few tears in the phone call, we all need a hug. it has been a month after all! however, things are carrying on, she lots her school card and wasnt let out - had to go to etude. she forgot her maths homework this weekend - etude again i reckon! but she is auditioning for the choir - chorale - they have 3 taster sessions. singing in french seems a tall order to me! she is enjoying scouts, she has friends. school is boring, but thinks civics might be ok if she understood it ;) she is really happy with her french sister :) and has settled into life there. she really misses reading tho as she wakes up early and can't think what to do. i wonder if french family could find audiobooks she might understand for those moments?? we put some simple ones on her kindle - not sure if she still is allowed to use it tho, as we forgot to ask. She was v excited to have bought some records - vinyl!!!! at a market stall. Her french dad [who she thinks is great, especially because he loves pasta so often buys that when he shops] says she is using more french and speaking to people :) SB says she mostly speak to otheer children/friends as her words are often in the wrong [ie english] order and need unmuddling still. but hey :) a start ;)
miss you SB, but still proud of you for taking such a big step, and hoping you have a good week :)

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