Friday, September 26, 2014

first day in England

SO we woke up to a sunny day, and offered an english breakfast. It seemed very quickly that V and E had to go, and we were sad to see them depart. FrB was also, understandably, a bit wobbly to see them go. We did a variety of things today to keep the flow moving, so that she would hopefully feel welcome and loved, even if it is all so different.
we went around our village, to the park and the lake
FrB arrives 049
FrB arrives 064
we made dinner together, and also a cake, which we decorated
FrB arrives 090 FrB arrives 077
we did some art - FrB did an abstract oil painting, and SB glass painting. SOme of the oil paint was more 'mobile' than perhaps wise, so there was a little bit of washing to do!
FrB arrives 092 FrB arrives 094
some friends came round to drop their daughter R with us, who will also be going to centerparcs. We built the 3d kigsaw eiffel tower, and alfie the tortoise crawled through it.
FrB arrives 034FrB arrives 051
we had a little bit of computer time, with FrB using SB's ds, before having dinner, watching a film and then snuggling in bed. A good start I hope for a wonderful exchange.

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