Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 22

or week -3 in my head. I am really excited about getting SB back and then FrB after. we are suddenly into planning and diarising and filling up space with fun things to do! SB though has mixed feelings. clearly she is looking forwards to seeing us all again, but she is sad we wont meet her big sis C as she had been in canada when we dropped sb off [tho dh will meet her as he is flying out to pick her up]. she also will really miss the school friends she has made. she is planning to join facebook [on her 13th birthday] and then keep in touch with them through that. she says she needs a french tutor when she returns to keep learning :) . she has really appreciated the experience the exchange has given her, and would really like to do another one! perhaps to spain. hmmmmmmmmmm. lovely talking to her. she was clearly sitting next to frb as periodically would break into french to talk to her. last weekend they made the mosaic kits i got each of them for christmas. apparently they were nice and easy to do and made no mess. she would really recommend them. i did buy separately a pincer for each and a tile clipper between them. she loved having the sunflower one, and frb the dolphin :)

she went shopping with maman v accompanying and spent her xmas money on a trendy scarf and top, and maman also bought her a top, which made her very happy :) . she has enjoyed reading her xmas books [and is determined to keep reading in french now that she can] and her bracelet kit from nanna. one very happy girl :)
I am hoping, as is sb i think, that her relationship with her french family continues, and that perhaps she gets to spend time with them in the future, and perhaps see her schoolfriends again. i hope that this can happen.

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