Friday, September 26, 2014

England - week 8 : holiday orchestra and Easter

monday - thursday -I do actually need to find what DH has done with the concert pics for this! the girls had a busy week tho. They went to the holiday orchestra in the city, which is essentially a non residential music camp. you can choose 3 different things to do. Both girls did the intermediate wind band. FrB did djembe drumming and ? whilst SB did gamelan and recorders . SB was very excited to have got to play the bass recorder for the first time, though she did say it was a bit tricky. The course goes on for 4 long mornings, with a concert in the final afternoon.
Both girls were keen to use this as a sleepover opportunity ;) and it did allow DH to then use this time with his parents hospital appointments. And we have very lovely friends who didn't pale in horror at the thought! SO they spent monday night with the deependers, and very much enjoyed that, and then a very raucous tuesday night at M's [whose children they do chemistry with] home weds and thurs with the concert and the arrival of my parents.
They had a great time, both enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing their concert [as obvs i was at work!] and sharing it.

Easter weekend - My parents and nephew and niece came on the thursday and stayed till the following monday and we had a great time :) I love them coming. It was a shame my brother in law couldn't make it tho. We had DH parents visit on SUnday as P_I_L not really well enough to stay over.
So the children had lots of Easter eggs, and did an easter egg hunt at home [probably what they would consider the most important thing ;) ] and felt suitably chocolated up afterwards,
As always, we did crafts! I bought quite a lot from yellow moon, and the ceramics where particularly enjoyed. We spent a nice whils crafting in the conservtory
Easter crafts 2014 Easter crafts 2014
Easter crafts 2014 Easter crafts 2014 Easter crafts 2014 Easter crafts 2014

we also played a lot of board games. Ticket to ride was the most popular one played!

We had a fabulous day visiting Wimpole farm. we started with the easter egg hunt. led us all round the garden, and I particularly enjoyed the walled garden. weather was fantastic, not too hot but still sunny :) the clues were mostly easy to find, but on the 2 that werent the children were v quickly disheartened!! Once we had claimed their Easter egg, we went to the farm area and had a good look around at the various animals before having a well earned lunch [yes we did wash hands!] . FrB liked the pigglywigglies [as she calls them :) ] The kids enjoyed playing outside and also on the adventure park before we treated ourselves to icecream and came home. SB chose to have some second hand cookbooks from a stall rather than the icecream.
Easter egg hunt wimpole farm Easter egg hunt wimpole farm Easter egg hunt wimpole farm Easter egg hunt wimpole farm Easter egg hunt wimpole farm Easter egg hunt wimpole farm
Of course, for me, Easter is about one thing. Family. I was glad to share it with mine and DH parents, and the 5 fab kids :)

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