Friday, September 26, 2014

Our French daughter arrives!

Yesterday, the much awaited arrival of our french daughter, called FrB for this blog! We have done lots of planning and thought about what we can do to make her stay in England interesting, and an adventure. We have had a lot of thought about the home ed element, and what we would like to do/achieve since we are free of the constraints of school, and don't want to just replicate school at home for her, which I think has some of the negatives of school and not the positives. We have thought about visits, and what she might want to see and do, and also looked again at our local home ed scene, and are not going to be so insular :) . we are hoping that our love and the willingness to make it work for her will make a succesful exchange.
So when the family arrived, we were all very happy to see them, and had a traditional english meal of curry!
welcoming our french family 019

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