Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 7

We had a very happy phone call with Sb today. I asked her about school, and whether it is getting more bearable, it it does seem to be. She got 15/20 for her art homework - which is apparently good - and had revised hard for her maths test, but unfortunately it has been put back to after half term. she enjoys maths, art, music [in that order] thinks science is ok, and is busy learning the chemical formulae. she has enjoyed basketball, came 11/52 in 1500m and things seem generally to be looking up at school. She has had some low level bullying it seems, but not terrible and on discussion with maman is going to just try and rise above it.
She is understanding lots of French now, but not speaking confidently yet or reading well. I passed on the suggestion of reading a book she already knows, so she is going to get some asterix and start with that. She is missing reading, but took to the suggestion of wordsearches, and has even developed her own wordsearch. Generally life is settling in, so hopefully we have done the difficult months, and is now on the upwards path so they will be going to paris and cote d'azur for half term - sounds fun and she enjoys art class, climbing and scouts and also had fun at drama, where she mimed eating a sweet off the pavement and being sick ;) . not had any clarinet lessons tho, but goes to orchestra. Also not playing the rocrder as the lady music teacher that does chorale does recorder in her music groups, but they have the fun african music teacher and doing a lot more with rhythm and music. Having sent her her grade 6 ballet cd, she has admitted she can't work the CD player!
I am hoping for some photos from maman of scouts, and then I will add them, or if SB takes any I will borrow them too :)

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