Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 11

11 whole weeks. I feel a bit like the witches in the golden compass stretched from my daemon. Deep breath and onwards! We have had a happy phone call with SB. she is in a 3 schools singing concert at the end of november - so excited about that. She plays in an orchestra with FrB and then again with the whole family at the weekend, so is happy to keep her clarinet going. Her french 'big sis' is back from her en famille exchange to canada, so looking forward to getting to know her too. This week they had an overnight camp in the scout hut - and that was fun. All very positive [except perhaps she should try and bit harder at school!]
SB has also put some more photos on flickr - edited highlights on my stream. this is mostly from her half term holiday where she has done rock climbing and got pretty good - apparently. I miss her loads and loads, but def made more bearable by knowing how well looked after she is by her french family as well as the great experience she is gaining. It is a great adventure.

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