Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 9 - Paris

yay :) we had a phone call. has been 2 weeks - too long! and SB is grumpy we didn't ring earlier in the week, but didn't knw she was back at home, and we have to ring really when agreed with V and E. she sounded happy and confident. she didn't seem teary at all - which is good, even if due to bravery :) and we had a lovely call. She has had her 'language test' with en famille, and no doubt we will hear how that went. SB seems more confortable with her spoken french and understanding, but not with read yet - early days tho. She loved visiting paris tho :) and enjoyed the museums. She is looking forward to the cote d'azur next week too. She and her french sister FrB clearly get on well. She is also looking forward to the middle sister C coming back from her en famille trip to canada - partly because she will play cluedo too, but also because she quite likes the idea of a big sis. And yes, i miss her x x x . love you SB, have fun and make the most of every day x x x

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