Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update week 6

today we had a happy phone call from sb.She has had a good week. some teasing at school from ppl laughing at her speech - said to tell v who would sort it at school, but her friends Iloe and Mia are lovely. says nanny has sent some lovely cards, she enjoys climbing, art class, maths, orchestra, chorale and scouts. other lessons are starting to make some sense tho school as concept is at best boring . aerobatics is weird and she doesnt like english and basketball . this weekend she was camping with scouts which she enjoyed, but says the tents are really old fashioned - think they were proper canvas ones :) . climbing is def her fav thing. my new improved writing was better, but she thinks i should type and print her letters!! humph :)
she and FrB clearly had a photoshoot and put the pics up :) i liked this one :)
oh, its acrobatique not aerobatics :)

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