Friday, September 26, 2014

England - week 11

I think at 2+ months in, the girls have all found their balance with each other. I am used to BB/FrB being exceptionally similar in moods/likes and dislikes, and also that both of them wear their emotions on their sleeves, so the house is more dramatic than i am used to! [and that is prob saying something] but they are now more often in tune having a fab time together rather than antagonistic - phew. I think it has been good for both of them, as FrB used to being the youngest, and BB used to being the most vocal with SB more likely to give way, and FrB decidedly not so much. They both have new skills. I have also had to develop new skills in working out when to intervene, and when to let them slug it out. I don't always get it right, but my heart is in the right place! certainly all 3 girls are very loving, and I feel a blessed matriach, if exasperated on occassion ;)

monday - was part of the weekend, as a bank holiday

tuesday - a home ed day with botany, this time propagating fruit bush stems. otherwise bookish day.
weds - so... from what i remember, weds4ed was without me, as I had to work that weds. DH did some science from the kitchen science thingy for the kids, babs did maths and no idea what else - sorry. judo for the girls in the eve
weds4ed science weds4ed science

thurs - there was the usual weekly clarinet/oboe lessons on the thurs, and then multisports home ed sports group. the kids, as usual, had guides/cubs in the evening.

fri  - was the second of the glass art masterclasses, and like before the kids loved it. J is very patient as well as being v skilled, and has a lovely working space. I am quite jealous [can you tell?]
glass art 2 may 2014 glass art 2 may 2014
glass art 2 may 2014 glass art 2 may 2014 glass art 2 may 2014 glass art 2 may 2014 glass art 2 may 2014
when they returned home, it was time to bake for the family party. SB made a baked cheesecake without assistance. FrB made meringue when I got home, and we giggled and giggled over piping out whilst we worked out which bag she liked best. A certain amount of the meringue mixture had whooshed over both of us by then :) . Mum, dad, m and e [the cousins] arrived in time for tea, and mayhem ensued!
May party 2014 035 May party 2014 037

The weekend - This year, as before, we had a celebration of family with a party at our house.We had far better weather than we had expected there to be. Loved seeing DH cousins and their kids, and lots of laughter! Really glad my B-I-L could make it :) . As always loved having Aunty M and co, we were really pleased F-I-L could make it, as he also hasn't been well recently, and still isn't, so fab for him to be surrounded by family
May party 2014 060 May party 2014 061 May party 2014 063 May party 2014 069 May party 2014 074 May party 2014 078 May party 2014 099 May party 2014 085 May party 2014 098 May party 2014 095 May party 2014 111 May party 2014 112 May party 2014 110 May party 2014 130 May party 2014 141 May party 2014 145 May party 2014 156 May party 2014 170 May party 2014 189 
May party 2014 072

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