Sunday, September 21, 2014

france update - week 16

still snowing in france! this weekend SB had a religious cultural experience, as the scouts took part in a special service for the last sunday before xmas [yep, its that xmas word - panic panic panic] . I think she enjoyed it. She was enthusing over the gifts she and frb have planned for each other :) they do appear to be getting on really well :) . still no photos for me tho - sigh! i think her french family are getting a bit bored of vegetarianism tho! they have been wonderful accommodating her diet, and i said this to sb, but she said she realises why jfish stopped being veggie on the exchange, as it is harder. i reminded her that it was her choice whilst she was there, but if she stays veggie, to appreciate the effort the family has made to give her good healthy veggie food. she agreed, and then asked why she could eat hens eggs and not fish eggs! explained... i think christmas approaching is making her feel more homesick again, and certainly isn't easy, but accentuate the positives. I think this exchange has been really good for her, and i think she is and will continue to be glad and proud she did it.
Still no more pics :(

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